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Professionalism and Quality are integral part of business. It doesn't matter whether you own a small restaurant, chain of restaurants, catering services, star facility hotels, fitting your staff into top quality restaurant uniforms sets a professional environment for both employee and customer. Habari Uniforms helps you differentiate your restaurant through unique work wears and uniforms. We provides various restaurant wears includes Chef Uniform, Waiter-tress Uniforms, Aprons, Bow Tie, Vest etc. We assure top quality uniform products at best price in Qatar.


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Let's meet at place of your convenient either at your office or ours and discuss about requirements.


Let Our professional designers design your ideas in papers.Not really, Computers are there. Liked it? Weavers are waiting for your confirmation.


Once You confirm the design our weavers will start giving life to designs. We are pleased to present one if you want to see before. Our Embroidery,Screen Printing, Heat transfer technologies will touch it at end.


Finally we got uniforms for you, delivered in timely manner. Hope this would be the beginning.

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Restaurant Wears/Uniforms


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Our uniform company has been a trusted source for supplying quality uniforms and work wears for over 5 year in Qatar and our well experienced and certified staffs dedicated to bringing variety, comfort and quality.

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